We will have our 45th reunion 17 August, 2019.

We are still firming up the location. 

There will be a mixer the night before on 16 August

Yes, we have a band lined up for the reunion.

If it's too loud, you're too old!

So what is this about?

Patrick Henry High School Patriots Class of '74

Welcome, Patriots.

Spread the word!​

Thanks for visiting!

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It's tradition.  No matter what, ​we would have kept up with a couple of our HS friends.  Now social media makes it easy to keep in touch with anyone.

Let's get together and see if that profile pic is really current.

We made up some "SAVE THE DATE" cards to hand or ​send out.  Help us find as many of the Class of '74 as we can!  

The PHOTOS tab lists who we have found so far.